Who comes to see Christine?

People from all walks of like: from CEO to homemaker. People just like YOU.

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Personal One-on-One Coaching

Develop a personalized set of tools to modify old behaviours. Learn to set goals to achieve your biggest dreams. Build your self-esteem, put an end to worrying, and tear down invisible obstacles.

What to expect:

  • 1 hour sessions, once a week and 3 month FIRM commitment
  • Define goals and create a realistic plan to achieve them
  • Eliminate fears that prevent you from getting what you want
  • Learn to leave the past in the past
  • Design and build better relationships with family, friends and partners

Couples Coaching

With your partner, learn the possibilities that exist to transform your relationship into a more satisfying, loving, and supporting union. Build the foundation together to achieve your goals through a renewed commitment to one another.

What to expect:

  • 1 hour sessions, once a week and 3 month FIRM commitment
  • Learn to confront tough decisions, such as staying together, getting married, and having children
  • Improve your communication and understanding of each other

Family Circles

Reunite 3 or more members of your family within a safe coaching environment. Family Circles are directed by the coach and aid in reopening lines of communication and provide assistance in sorting out complex issues.

What to expect:

  • One 4 hour session
  • Each family member will be guided and coached to develop the tools and skills to deal with their individual challenges
  • A strong focus will be placed on listening and communicating to other member of the family

Motivational Speaker

An extremely personable, engaging, and compelling speaker, Christine's deep rooted insight and inclusive approach encourages participation, stimulates learning, and inspires action.